New Climbing Area in Development

As a team at Climb Morocco, we spend a lot of time searching the country for new climbing locations. We’ve used Google Earth to scour the landscape for rock formations. Occasionally we hike to a small cliff that we noticed from a highway, only to find some old pitons left by climbers sometime in the past. More rarely, we get the opportunity to visit a virtually untouched area so brimming with rock that weeks would need to be spent in order to explore it’s full potential.

This past weekend we were graced with the opportunity to visit one of those such areas; a place so chock-full of limestone that a weekend only skims the surface of the potential climbing. Hopefully after a few long weekends of development this winter we’ll be able to share more of the details, but for now you can feast on these photos from our scouting trip.

We plan to offer guided trips here beginning in the spring of 2019.