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Taghia Guidebook by Christian Ravier

In planning for an upcoming trip this month to the Taghia, we have finally ordered and received the published guidebook and topos to the Taghia area.  It is called Taghia, Montagnes Berberes by Christian Ravier.  This is a great guidebook written in French with over 150 multi-pitch routes and topos in it for the area, […]

Heating up in Marrakech, cool off in the mountains

The weather has started to really heat up in Marrakech hovering between 25 C and 32 C during the day.  That means that one of the best ways to escape the heat is to get up into the high mountains.  Although a lot of the snow is continuing to melt off of the high peaks, […]

Multi-pitch climbing in the Todra Gorge

The Todra Gorge is a near perfect place for a few days of climbing, especially in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  It is sunny most of the time and you normally just decide whether you want to climb in the shade or in the sun depending on the temperature at the time.  Over the last […]

NEW Guide Books for Tafraoute/Jebel El Kest!!!

Our friends at Climb Tafraoute have recently put out a new, two volume rock climbing guide book for the amazing rock near and around Tafraoute in the Anti-Atlas mountains of Morocco. If you like adventurous, multi-pitch trad climbing, and lots of blue sky, you need to own this guide book and plan your next climbing […]
Climb Morocco Luxury Travel Guide

Luxury Travel Guide 2013 – Africa and Middle East Edition

We’re excited to announce that Climb Morocco has been featured in an article in the recently published Luxury Travel Guide 2013 – Africa and Middle East Edition! There are some great pictures as well as an extended Q&A with Climb Morocco about the company, it’s background and rock climbing in Morocco. You can check it […]

Great Climbing Experiences in the Todra Gorge.

We always love hearing about people that have had some great trips and experiences rock climbing in the beautiful Todra Gorge. It’s such a breathtaking and inspiring place to rock climb and as we’ve talked about many times, the red limestone rock is solid and has more friction than just about anywhere else I’ve climbed […]

Dreaming of Oukaimeden

Sit down start. Tiny diagonal finger crack rising from right to left. Bad feet. Reach, Bump, Core up! This is my current, open, boulder project in Oukaimeden in the Colony sector. This problem looks easy and stays pretty low to the ground but the moves are hard. This is the boulder project that currently consumes […]

NEW Website, NEW Video!

Hello Climbing Blog-O-Sphere! I am thrilled to announce that the brand new Climb Morocco website is live and looks fantastic! Great images, helpful info, and user friendly ways to get connected with Climb Morocco. Be sure to explore the site, check out all the beautiful climbing locations Morocco has to offer and contact us so […]
The Mountain People

The Mountain People

At Climb Morocco, we primarily focus on technical rock climbing and aren’t involved in guiding summer or winter mountaineering and alpine climbing. We are often asked about recommendations for those that are interested in doing trekking, alpine, or winter mountaineering in the high atlas mountains. The Mountain People is a professional guiding company that specializes […]