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Bouldering in the High Atlas at Oukaimeden

There is a history of some bouldering activity primarily with the CAF who have a nice refuge in the nearby town. We’ve taken a number of trips to the area and have already discovered some great lines with countless more to be explored and huge boulders as far as the eye can see. The area […]

Climbing High in the Todra Gorge

What happens in the brain of a rock climber when they see rock? Not just your normal rock. Good rock. High rock. Rock the beckons and even begs to be climbed. I have spent quite a bit of time in the Todra Gorge now, guiding, climbing, relaxing, and I can tell you that the drive […]
Oukaimeden Rock Climbing View

Rock Climbing in the High Atlas

Morocco is an amazing country with beauty everywhere but one of the problems we come across with trying to rock climb year round and guide trips year round is the weather. Most of the year, there are great places to climb in in beautiful weather but the summer can sometimes be very hot in the […]

Petzl RocTrip China

Petzl invites their professional, sponsored climbers as well as other climbers from beginners to experts from all over the world to meet in exotic and exciting climbing locations every year. The goal is to highlight and help develop a new area as well as gather climbers from all over the world to climb together. Last […]

GoPro HERO2 and Climb Morocco

Thanks to a generous friend, Climb Morocco is now the proud owner of a new GoPro HERO2 helmet cam. This is the best and most versatile camera on the market for capturing adventure sports and Climb Morocco is excited to use it to get some great action footage and video of Rock Climbing in Morocco. […]

Another Adventure in Morocco!

Ever since Jeremy and I got Climb Morocco up and running, we have had some really great opportunities to have coffee with other adventure lovers and extreme, outdoor enthusiasts. Just last week, we were able to sit down with Andy from Splash Morocco and chat about the amazing trips he offers. We saw some incredible […]