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Beautiful mountain landscapes, high altitude, and sweeping views characterize the climbing area at Oukaimeden. In the heat of summer, when it’s too hot to climb in other low lying areas and when the snow is all melted, Oukaimeden is a great place to escape to and climb or even learn to climb especially for new or more inexperienced climbers. Even in the winter, the rock is sun facing which means climbing in warmth with snow capped peaks all around. Breathtaking! This is primarily an easier climbing area on solid rock up gently angled slabs with many top rope and sport climbing options. Also a great location for those looking to learn or work on new skills in a breathtaking setting.

Located in the High Atlas Mountains, Oukaimeden provides a unique and picturesque setting for learning to rock climb. Just a little over an hour from Marrakech, Oukaimeden is a great option for climbing in the summer in cooler altitudes when it is scorching in Marrakech. Although this is a great summer climbing spot, be advised that the rock spends a good part of the year surrounded by snow as Oukaimeden is also the site of Morocco’s ski resort. This means there are days where Oukaimeden is not climbable, although there are many winter days where the climbing is fantastic as the rock is sun facing and warm and makes for memorable and picturesque climbing surrounded by snow capped mountains.

The climbing in Oukaimeden is very easy and fun and is a great place to learn to climb. And, if you are looking for a relaxing day of climbing in a breathtakingly beautiful area, this is your spot. The venue consists of 4 major walls. Three are side by side and the fourth is just below them. There are 18 single pitch climbs, most of which are graded in the French 4 to 5 range (5.6 – 5.8 US). There is a 5b or two but simply due to a difficult move or two, usually at the beginning of the climb. Most climbs are laid back, on gradual slab, with obvious, frequent holds. Most climbs are sport climbs with one wall (Second wall you come to on approach) limited to top roping only. Almost all climbs have anchor bolts at the top. Every climb has top access which makes it fun to set up top rope climbs for beginners excited to learn to climb in an exotic location.

Access to the climbing area is quite straight forward. After passing the shops and small restaurants which provides a great place to sit and enjoy a tajine, continue straight onto an access road and continue up and to the left. This road works well for most vehicles but you can easily hike it too. Follow the road to the top and the climbing area is over the saddle to the right, hidden from view from the road and approach. Enjoy the view and get climbing!

Popular Routes

Route Description Type Difficulty
Wall 4 (below main walls)Wall 4 has only two climbs but probably the most fun climbing at Oukaimeden, as well as, the highest.Single-Pitch Sport5a
Wall 3Start by working the bouldery and overhung beginning and relax up the remaining gradual slab. The first few moves are the memorable ones.Single-Pitch Sport5b


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