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If you enjoy an adventure and love trad climbing, do yourself a favor and take a climbing trip to this incredible part of the country. Jebel El Kest offers endless multi-pitch trad climbs in the South of Morocco. While the area surrounding the town of Tafraoute offers a large amount of sport, mixed climbing, and bouldering, it is dwarfed by the Jebel el Kest massif to it’s north. It offers superb quartzite climbing on everything from smaller, single-pitch crags to huge, epic, big-wall trad routes. The area has been a center of development for a number of years and is an adventure-trad climbing mecca with endless climbing possibilities.

Jebel El Kest is an enormous Traditional climbing playground so bring your full rack! Be sure to check out Climb-Tafraoute and Morocco Rock for the best information on climbing in Jebel El Kest. This site also provides you with info on how to get there, where to stay, where to eat, guidebooks, and more. The grading system in Jebel El Kest is the British Trad Grade system so be sure to brush up on the system or bring a good comparison chart if you are not used to it. The climbing in this area of the country is world-class and the options are too endless to pass this incredible climbing area up.

Popular Routes

Route Description Type Difficulty
Oxford CrackA great corner with good jamming that is well protected all the way up and consists of challenging move to pull over a roof/overhang half-way up.Single-Pitch SportVS
The Lion KingAdrar Umlil, Idaougnidif - See Moroccan Anti-Atlas North page 82 for more details.Multi-Pitch TradHVS
Sahara / Jedi GrooveKsar Rock, Afantinzar Valley - See Moroccan Anti-Atlas North page 160 for more details.Multi-Pitch TradHVS
Moroccan Gold210 Meters. Lower Eagle, Afantinzar Valley - See Morocco Rock page 191 for more details.Multi-Pitch TradE2
The Edge200 Meters. The Flat Iron, Samazar Valley - See Morocco Rock page 304 for more details.Single-Pitch SportE2


Climbing in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

Cicerone guide by Claude Davies was published in 2004, which generally focuses on the climbing areas on the South side of the Jebel el Kest massif.


2 Volume Guide Book!

"Featuring 2000 rock climbs between Easy and E7, this two-volume guidebook is the only guide you need for a memorable Moroccan climbing adventure, whether you’re looking for 800m mountain routes, or roadside cragging in the sunshine. "


Morocco Rock - Jebel El Kest and Taskra North

This is newly published guidebook by Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne for the Jebel el Kest and Taskra North areas featuring information about over 1000 routes in the Anti-Atlas! Check the site for further information and to purchase a copy of the new guidebook. This is a great resource representing untold hours of work and research culminating in this helpful guidebook.



A comprehensive source of information on the climbing on Jebel el Kest and the Tafraoute area can be found here. The site keeps you up to date on information, updates, and the community surrounding climbing in and around the Tafraoute, Jebel El Kest area.


Morocco Rock

A great website with a guidebook and updated information about traditional rock climbing in the Anti-Atlas. Check here for new and updated guidebook information from Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne as they continue to document and record new routes.