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Morocco is a climbing destination with lots of fantastic, developed climbing areas, but is also full of undeveloped potential. One main area of climbing that has been relatively untouched in Morocco is bouldering. Being based in Marrakech, Climb Morocco is stoked about the nearby boulder fields in the High Atlas on the way to Oukaimeden, just over an hour from the city. A basic google search reveals occasional climbing blogs and groups of bouldering enthusiasts that have just scratched the surface of the bouldering potential in Morocco. As we climb and guide throughout Morocco, we are continually reminded of the untapped bouldering gold mine just waiting for new projects and first ascents. There are fantastic marble blocks in Zuhelika, rough granite boulders in Tafraoute, unique Quartzite formations throughout the Jebel El Kest region, and the area that has us most excited, endless boulders scattered throughout the High Atlas on the way to Oukaimeden. Did I mention this bouldering area is usually cooler than the city below in the summer, and offers lots of sunlight in the winter? That’s right, bouldering in high elevation, surrounded by snow capped mountains. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We have started compiling information on projects sent and projects still open. We have named each sector and have listed the main pull off/parking areas. There is endless creative potential. If you enjoy the adventure of finding new boulders, bagging first ascents on new projects, and naming your new climb, the road to Oukaimeden is your bouldering paradise. If you are bouldering on your own and benefit from our information, please be sure to shoot us pictures with descriptions of the areas and names and grades of boulder problems scent. Also, we would love to join you if we are free so let us know! Finally, there are no climbing stores in Morocco so you will need to bring your own boulder pads and needed climbing gear. If you would like more specific info on directions, sector information, etc., contact us.

Cultural and Environmental Sensitivity: As you are exploring and chalking up new boulders, please be sure to be aware and sensitive to the village life around you. Some of the boulders are located in obviously cultivate land. Please practice Leave No Trace and try to walk around the cultivated land, not through it. Some of the areas higher up near the village of Oukaimeden have small rock huts built throughout the boulder fields. These huts are homes to shepherds during summer months as they bring their flocks to higher elevations to graze. Please show them respect and do not break down or remove walls they have built in order to build safer drop zones. The shepherds in this area have been very friendly and hospitable to us.

Popular Routes

Route Description Type Difficulty
Born To Run (Atlantis)FA Jay Parks 4/29/13 - Overhanging boulder located below Spire to the left. Dynamic short problem with a Dyno/Dead Point.BoulderV4
Clean Air, Clean Living (The Colony)FA Jay Parks 5/27/13 - Tricky stand start to small rail, move left to crimps, finish on gastone to high hold.BoulderV5
Wimp or Crimp (The Colony)FA Jeremy Jones 5/27/13 - Left side of slabby triangle, throw to a right crimpBoulderV2


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We are currently developing these new bouldering locations. Come join us and develop with us!


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