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Akchour is a beautiful area in the Northern Rif Mountains of Morocco with huge walls and solid rock with a huge potential for climbing existing climbs as well as route development. Everything from single-pitch roadside crags to huge multi-pitch sport and traditional routes. It is north of Chefchaouen in the Rif mountains with huge climbing areas and potential for new and unexplored routes. It is also in the area of the beautiful Parc National de Talassemtane. There are a number of places to stay as well as camping possibilities next to the river that runs through the area. Much of the development of the climbing in the area is centered around and focused from Cafe Rueda. This is the climber’s hub and the place where you can get updated and specific information for the new climbs and routes in the area. Climbers have been coming from a number of different countries in Europe to put up new routes and explore the high quality rock that this area has to offer.

Popular Routes

Route Description Type Difficulty
FatimaA short climb on Sector Asociacion CaiatSingle-Pitch Sport5c
Wapa PipaA limestone sport climb on Sector PuertaSingle-Pitch Sport6a
Hulic IvanAnother climb on Sector Puerta just next to Wapa PipaSingle-Pitch Sport6a
AfricaLong and classic multi-pitch route up the middle of the Pared De Caiat WallMulti-Pitch Sport7a+


CAIAT lounge refuge

For a place to stay when in the area, you can check out the CAIAT lounge refuge at the website above.


Parc National de Talassemtane

For the official website of the nearby Parc National de Talassemtane, you can visit the website above.


Cafe Rueda and Information

There is currently no published guidebook for the area but there is a route log book that is frequently updated with the newest route information. This is kept at Cafe Rueda and it is also a great place to stop for some tea or coffee on your way through and to connect with some of the other climbers that might be in the area.


Blog post by Hazel Findlay

This is a post from Hazel Findlay's blog about her trip with Alex Honnold to Akchour in 2012 and some of the areas they were in and the routes that they climbed.