Taghia Guidebook by Christian Ravier

Taghia Guidebook Christian Ravier In planning for an upcoming trip this month to the Taghia, we have finally ordered and received the published guidebook and topos to the Taghia area.  It is called Taghia, Montagnes Berberes by Christian Ravier.  This is a great guidebook written in French with over 150 multi-pitch routes and topos in it for the area, packed with information over 256 pages.  It’s of great quality with some good historical as well as area information and has really useful drawn and photo topos for most of the routes as well as some good descriptions. Inside Taghia GuidebookIf you are going to be planning a climbing trip to the Taghia, this is a great resource and worthwhile to pick up.  The guidebook can be purchased directly from Christian Ravier  in France by contacting him via e-mail or his website, making a payment and then he will get it in the mail to you.  Our copy arrived quickly directly here to Morocco from France.

You can find his contact and the guidebook ordering info below or on our Taghia locations page here:

Christian Ravier’s Website: www.christian-ravier.com

Guidebook link: www.christian-ravier.com/Sites/taghia_topo.html

E-mail contact: cravier@club-internet.fr


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