NEW Guide Books for Tafraoute/Jebel El Kest!!!

Our friends at Climb Tafraoute have recently put out a new, two volume rock climbing guide book for the amazing rock near and around Tafraoute in the Anti-Atlas mountains of Morocco. If you like adventurous, multi-pitch trad climbing, and lots of blue sky, you need to own this guide book and plan your next climbing trip to Morocco!
Great Rock!  Blue Sky!

Great Rock! Blue Sky!

Volume 1 covers the climbing areas on the South side of Jebel Kest, closer to Tafraoute, while Volume 2 covers the North side. Literally hundreds of routes. The pictures are amazing, the route descriptions are super helpful, and the information in the book covering where to stay, how to get there, history and culture, etc. is great! Steve Broadbent, the climber who developed the book, is super friendly and very knowledgable. Steve and the gang at Climb Tafraoute do a great job of keeping climbers up to date with happenings in the area on their Facebook page. Be sure to look them up, like them, get your copy of the guide books, and get climbing! The holiday season is here, there is a good chance it is cold and wet where you are, there is still a lot of sun and dry rock in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas. Don’t Delay!
This could be you!

This could be you!

PS – Our friend James with The Mountain People wrote up some great blog posts about the new guide books, our recent climbing trip together, and logistics on the area. Check them out here.