We’ve gathered some of the most common questions that we receive to help you as you think about your trip.

I have never climbed before. Can I still climb with Climb Morocco?

Yes, Of course you can! Climb Morocco can introduce you to the exciting sport of rock climbing and we are equipped with all the gear and safety instruction you will need in order to have a fantastic first experience.

Do I need to bring my own climbing equipment?

No, you do not have to bring your own equipment. We can provide you with all the gear needed to go climbing. We know it can be difficult and expensive to travel with all of your heavy climbing gear. If you prefer to bring some of your own equipment, that is fine as well. Some climbers are more comfortable climbing in their own harnesses and shoes, but either way, we’ve got you covered.

Can I come by myself and climb or do I need a partner or a group?

You can come by yourself and we would love to take you climbing. Of course, coming with a friend or a group can help cut down on costs for your trip and it can be lots of fun to experience your adventure with someone else. Depending on your dates and flexibility, we often try to group people together but whether you are by yourself or with others, we are happy to take you climbing.

What about insurance? Do I need to have Travel / Evacuation Insurance?

Yes, we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance that covers Rock Climbing before you participate in a Climb Morocco activity. It is your responsibility to obtain Travel Insurance that covers you but here are some companies and plans that we recommend:

Do I need to obtain a Visa before I come to Morocco?

All citizens of the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand are granted free 3 month visa stamps upon arrival. If you are from a different country, please check with the Moroccan Embassy for your visa requirements before arrival. All visitors require a passport that is valid for more that 6 month from the date of arrival in Morocco.

When is the best time of year to rock climb in Morocco?

We think the best time of year to climb is Fall and Spring but depending on where you want to climb, the winter here can be great for climbing too. You can climb in the summer but it often gets quite hot. So just be prepared to stay hydrated and to find creative ways to stay cool and relax during the trip!

Where should I fly into?

Climb Morocco is based in Marrakech so we would recommend you fly into Menara Aiport (RAK) in Marrakech. Depending on where you are coming from, there are often many good flight options that take you right into Marrakech which is also the central tourism hub in Morocco with many things to see and do in the city. Marrakech is centrally located close to the High Atlas mountains as well as within driving distance of a number of different climbing areas. You can also fly into Casablanca (CMN) and take either the train run by (ONCF, www.oncf.ma) or other private transportation to Marrakech.

What is the best way to handle money in country?

The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). You can check the current exchange rate online. There are money exchange offices in the Airport and in most banks throughout the major cities. Also, another easy option is to take money out of an ATM. Just be sure to check with your bank before you come.

Can I still enjoy a climbing trip to Morocco even if I don't speak any Arabic?

You don’t have to speak Arabic or French to enjoy your time in Morocco. Our guides speak Moroccan Arabic and are happy to translate if needed or help you communicate with some of the locals at the climbing areas. Many Moroccans speak French as well which is helpful if you happen to have a knowledge of French. We would also recommend you pick up a copy of Lonely Planet’s Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook.

What is the medical care situation in Morocco?

There are hospitals and private clinics in most big cities and towns. Climb Morocco guides know where to find the best medical care in proximity to each climbing location. There are pharmacies in most cities as well where you can find most medications but we would encourage you to bring enough medication for your trip along with the prescription and perhaps even a slip of paper describing the chemical makeup of the medication in case the name of the medication is different in Morocco. All Climb Morocco guides have First Aid Kits on climbing trips and are trained and certified Wilderness First Responders.