Certificate of Excellence Award from TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor Certificate of ExcellenceTripAdvisor, which is the leading travel and excursion review site worldwide selects a few companies every year based on customer reviews for their Certificate of Excellence Award.  This year they have made their selections and we’re pleased to announce that Climb Morocco received the 2014 Certificate of Excellence Award based on consistently high ratings from our previous clients.  It is very important to us that people that come climbing with us leave having had an amazing experience and one that they will not soon forget.  This recognition is an honor and we have our previous clients from the past 2 years to thank.  It’s encouraging and just pushes us to continuing seeking to offer climbing experiences in Morocco with excellence that challenge people and leave them wanting more.

If you’re curious and want to see some of the reviews from previous clients, you can see them on our TripAdvisor page here.  Also, if you’ve come climbing with Climb Morocco and haven’t left us a review, feel free to do so and share your experience with others.